Saturday, September 26, 2009

Did you see "Up?"

If you did, you may be familiar with the doggie character of Dug. My sister saw the movie before we did and swore that we would see a dog in the movie that "was Gonzo."
Well, having seen the movie, I now agree. If the writers had met our boy, they couldn't have done a better job writing Dug's character to match Gonzo's.
Two scenes in particular are dead on perfect. Dug says, upon his first meeting with the heroes, "My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you." which is exactly how our boy reacted when he met my husband at the Humane Society. The other scene is after Dug has been called a bag dog, he shows up at the front door and says,"I hid under your porch because I love you." Spot on perfect.
Although the line would be outright creepy if it were delivered by Christopher Walken. Imagine it: "I hid under your porch because I love you." Ecssshh! Instant skin crawl.
Pixar trailer:
Good Boy, Gonzo. Know any squirrel jokes?
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Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm gonna sit right here...

After my husband leaves in the morning, our boy's determination to prevent any subsequent people departures doubles. He will follow me around, and if I manage to slip away to another room unnoticed, he will do a room to room check until he finds me.

However, he doesn't really like to go into the bathroom. That's where his B-A-T-Hs happen. You know, I could accidently slip and give him a B-A-T-H at any time if our boy goes in there. So if I'm fussing around at the mirror, I can count on him laying himself across the landing at the top or the bottom of the stairs, like a recumbant sentry, so I don't get away.

Good Boy, Gonzo. Just wait right there. I'll be back in a doggie minute.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our boy and his favorite toy

Every dog finds a favorite toy. Gonzo loves the type that make noise. Not just squeakers, or crunches, but those little squeeze activated noise makers that make more elaborate sounds. He had an "Aflac" duck that he loved until its snowy feathers were a crunchy, clumpy beige colored mess. I took the noise maker out and put it in another toy. I often do this, because I won't let him have a toy back that's leaking stuffing or beans. Miss Piggy screams, "Aflac!" at us now.
Those Audobon plush birds are his paws-down favorite. I think he likes the natural sounding bird calls they make, as well as the fact that he can get most of the toy in his mouth. But lately, it's been the dead duck toy with the extra long neck that we got at the shore. It plays a four-part bird call with one squeeze.
My least favorite of his old toys was this tiny pink bunny that made this annoying, "chkchkchk, chkchkchk," noise that I got him after Easter one year. One morning, I was sleeping in, and Gonzo charged in with the bunny. "Chkchkchk, chkchkchk!" I rolled over."Chkchkchk, chkchkchk!" I rolled back and said, "Give me that!" and the game began. He ran to the other side of the bed, "chkchkchk, chkchkchk!" Our boy squeezed under the bed and continued. "Chkchkchk, chkchkchk! Chkchkchk, chkchkchk!" Well, there's no sleeping now. I got up. He left the toy under the bed and followed me downstairs. Our boy needed to go out.

Good Boy, Gonzo. But you still can't bring your toys outside. You don't bring them back.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Home Improvements

Well, I added a widget-gadget thingie to the blog today for reactions. You can let me know if you like the type of post above the reaction buttons. I would rather post the things you like to read, you see. And comments are always welcome. If you have a suggestion for the button names, I'm open on that, too!

If you feel like it, go back through and rate a couple of the old posts, and I'll get a better idea of what you like. Thanks for reading about our boy.

Good Boy, Gonzo. How are you at counting?

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Who Are You?

The other day, I came home and my husband was already home. Gonzo rushed the door, and from the other side I heard our boy call out," Bahroo-roo-root!" in that confrontational way of a dog protecting his property. I said something to our boy and opened the door, repeating myself.

My husband said, " What is that you say to him? You say it everytime..." I said, "Well, he runs up to the door and barks,'Who are yoou?' and since he's in my house, I always say, 'Who are you; that's the better question.'"

I think I am just letting him know that it's me, so he can drop the bravado and pick up the dead duck toy to start the parade.

Good boy, Gonzo. Way to watch over the house, sweet boy.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

"Is she mad at you, too? Oh, just me."

There are rules in most houses. No playing ball in the house. Clean up after yourself. Don't hit your brother with that. Well, we've got them here too. Code 378 refers to meal time activities. Subsection 4 clearly states, "No body, be it canine, feline, or supine, shall be underfoot in the kitchen area (defined in Subsection 2) whilst meal preparation is in progress."
The other day, after Gonzo had violated this code, I sent him to the equivalent of "doggie jail;" I pointed a finger and said,"Bed!" in a deep voice that I imagine sounds more like my husband than me. Our boy went, but as per the norm around here, he only put half his body on the cushion.
I have a theory about that, as he only does that when he feels that the punishment isn't justified. For example, if I sent him to bed so I can vacuum the other room, he'll sit completely next to the bed, as he did nothing wrong. (No, I don't really think our boy's reasoning is this complex, but it's uncanny how often his actions match up to this..) So, I pointed again, and boomed," Bed!" Our boy threw a sidelong glance at my husband, as if to say, " Are you in trouble too? Oh, it's just me, " and adjusted himself to be all the way, all four paws and tail, in bed.
Hard not to laugh at our boy.

Good Boy, Gonzo. It's just for a little while, hmm?

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last weekend of summer (deep and heavy sigh)

where I'd rather be (there's a pole for you, too)

view that beats all for me

she'd rather stay here (kthanx)
Good Boy, Gonzo. You look ready to go (c'mon peoples!)
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