Monday, September 21, 2009

"Is she mad at you, too? Oh, just me."

There are rules in most houses. No playing ball in the house. Clean up after yourself. Don't hit your brother with that. Well, we've got them here too. Code 378 refers to meal time activities. Subsection 4 clearly states, "No body, be it canine, feline, or supine, shall be underfoot in the kitchen area (defined in Subsection 2) whilst meal preparation is in progress."
The other day, after Gonzo had violated this code, I sent him to the equivalent of "doggie jail;" I pointed a finger and said,"Bed!" in a deep voice that I imagine sounds more like my husband than me. Our boy went, but as per the norm around here, he only put half his body on the cushion.
I have a theory about that, as he only does that when he feels that the punishment isn't justified. For example, if I sent him to bed so I can vacuum the other room, he'll sit completely next to the bed, as he did nothing wrong. (No, I don't really think our boy's reasoning is this complex, but it's uncanny how often his actions match up to this..) So, I pointed again, and boomed," Bed!" Our boy threw a sidelong glance at my husband, as if to say, " Are you in trouble too? Oh, it's just me, " and adjusted himself to be all the way, all four paws and tail, in bed.
Hard not to laugh at our boy.

Good Boy, Gonzo. It's just for a little while, hmm?

More to come, so come back if you're interested.

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