Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our boy needs your prayers

Gonzo has been diagnosed with IMHA and is very sick. It's a disease that causes antibodies to attack the red blood cells in our boy's blood.

Pray to your Higher Power (mine is God) that our boy continues to respond to and hold his own with treatment. I am hoping for a miracle, but realize that it's a long road, full of potiential problems.

The vet left a wonderful message about how Gonzo is doing, that he's holding his blood counts, and that the staff loves him, and how the nurses are playing with and petting's things like that that make it okay that our boy isn't here with us. I haven't been able to see him since we admitted him on Tuesday morning and I miss him. The vet thinks if he remains stable, we could visit him on New Year's.

Good boy, Gonzo. You just play with the nice girls at the hospital and get better, okay?

I do so hope that there's more to come.