Friday, November 20, 2009

Do wet buffalo smell like wet dogs?

So, here's more about that buffalo farm that was on the route I used to drive while delivering bread.
Every day I would drive by this kind of dilapidated, rundown old farm. One day, seemingly out of the blue, there were buffalo standing in one of the fields. After recovering from my mind being blown by a herd of buffalo in Pennsylvania, I started the "Way to go, buffalo!" that I would repeat every thing I passed the field. It was actually a thing I would look sort of forward to, this oddity in the modern world; a herd of buffalo roaming in PA , like they used to roam everywhere in the wild west (or at least in the movies I've seen.)
One day, it was raining all day, and when I passed the field, the buffalo weren't out grazing as they usually would be. I thought, "Well, maybe, the farmer guy didn't let the buffalo out because if wet dogs smell bad, I can't imagine what a wet buffalo would smell like!" (Ah, naivete; I miss ya.) The next day, it was clearer, but still no buffalo in the field. The third day, when I saw that there were still no buffalo, I gasped, and said, "Ohhh! He's a bad, BAD, man!" as I realized the point of buffalo farms.
I won't eat buffalo burgers. No how, no way.

Good Boy, Gonzo. I bet you smell better than a wet buffalo.

More to come (just not so often as before), so come back if you're interested.