Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wow, it's been a long time...did you miss me?

There's so much that has happened since August 29th, 2010 that I can't even begin to tell you it all-but I'ma gonna try!

First and foremost: Gonzo is still with us, alive, healthy, and with a wiggly butt. He never had a relapse, (knock wood), and he's as active as he ever was. It's just Gonzo and me now, and Emma, the cat, makes regular appearances at mealtime, but we're all doing really quite well.

Working too much and playing too little has made this Jill a dull girl. But that's changing, too.

Good boy, Gonzo; let's snuggle up, cuddle pup. It's cold out there today.

More to come (really, I promise...), so come back if you're interested.