Friday, August 7, 2009

Well, at least I hope it is

So I started to think today about the amount of time I have on my hands in a day, and how much of that is spent talking to the dog while my husband is at work. As the dog isn't much in the feedback department, that's an exercise in futility.
I figured that I would start a blog and see where it goes. Random thoughts, things I like, sites that rock, things that happen, and generally just my take on things. Hopefully, I'll remember to include enough information so one can determine my jumping off point. Suddenly it occurs to me how self absorbed blogging is.
Today, I got up early to see that I had won a messenger bag in a Mountain Dew/WOW contest. Nice way to start the day. Then I went back to sleep for an hour or so. Nicer way to start, nap in the morning~! I think I can expect to see the bag in two to three weeks, according to the past winners on their message boards.
If I still have your interest, come back soon. I'll try to fill in more details.