Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our boy and his favorite toy

Every dog finds a favorite toy. Gonzo loves the type that make noise. Not just squeakers, or crunches, but those little squeeze activated noise makers that make more elaborate sounds. He had an "Aflac" duck that he loved until its snowy feathers were a crunchy, clumpy beige colored mess. I took the noise maker out and put it in another toy. I often do this, because I won't let him have a toy back that's leaking stuffing or beans. Miss Piggy screams, "Aflac!" at us now.
Those Audobon plush birds are his paws-down favorite. I think he likes the natural sounding bird calls they make, as well as the fact that he can get most of the toy in his mouth. But lately, it's been the dead duck toy with the extra long neck that we got at the shore. It plays a four-part bird call with one squeeze.
My least favorite of his old toys was this tiny pink bunny that made this annoying, "chkchkchk, chkchkchk," noise that I got him after Easter one year. One morning, I was sleeping in, and Gonzo charged in with the bunny. "Chkchkchk, chkchkchk!" I rolled over."Chkchkchk, chkchkchk!" I rolled back and said, "Give me that!" and the game began. He ran to the other side of the bed, "chkchkchk, chkchkchk!" Our boy squeezed under the bed and continued. "Chkchkchk, chkchkchk! Chkchkchk, chkchkchk!" Well, there's no sleeping now. I got up. He left the toy under the bed and followed me downstairs. Our boy needed to go out.

Good Boy, Gonzo. But you still can't bring your toys outside. You don't bring them back.

More to come, so come back if you're interested.


  1. I would go nuts if we had a toy that yelled AFLAC!

  2. Oh no, not the AFLAC duck. I have that one too. When our dog passed on I didnt have the heart to throw it out so I put away. Somehow one of the cats found it and I woke to the sounds of a duck coming from under the bed. LOL So I do feel your pain :)