Thursday, September 3, 2009

Heartbroken puppy

Our boy is heartbroken. My husband is working from home today, so he should be a happy boy, but alas that is not the case. My husband has an office area set up in our finished basement and actually is quite serious about maintaining a "office environment" there.

Gonzo barks sporadically at sudden noises, possible threats, and invisible squirrels. Just one or two barks, sometimes a growl-bark combo, but noisy nonetheless. Hard to maintain that "I'm-sitting-in-my-cubicle-talking-on-the-phone-on-the-third-floor-of-my-office-building," if there is a series of staccato barks coming from under your desk. Herein lies the problem. So the door to the basement is closed, Gonzo is not allowed downstairs during working hours, our boy can't even see my husband, and there he lies, devastated in front of the basement door in a heap on the floor. (Very Dr. Suess, wasn't that last bit?)

To cheer our boy up, I found another funny sign while searching for funny signs in Google Images. Odd how that search turned up a funny sign, isn't it?

Good boy, Gonzo. See, the sign even says so.

More to come so come back if you're interested.

1 comment:

  1. So if you search for funny signs, google produces funny signs? That's what I'm doing wrong! Searching Heisenberg uncertainty principle fails to turn up funny signs ;)
    Poor Gonzo! That's the exact reason I can't work from home.