Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gonzo's Dream Dance

So I was sitting on the sofa with our boy, when I heard a odd sound. Gonzo was sound asleep, snoring and dreaming. Of course, I grabbed the camera:

I edited music into it, "Dream Baby" by Roy Orbison, and it's posted on Youtube. Of course, I don't think one can hear the snoring as well. I felt I had to add the disclaimer on the end, because of the idgeots (IDG-E-OTS!)* that comment on dreaming dog videos that the dog is having some sort of fit.

Good Boy, Gonzo. This seemed like a sweet dream. Sorry I woke you.

*I had a co-worker once who was from some European country who would scream this at people. Is it a wonder I don't know what country he came from.? "IDG-E-OTS! I am SURRR-OUNDED by IDG-E-OTS!"

More to come, so come back if you're interested.


  1. Awww cutest puppy ever. I know he's not a little puppy but he's still a puppy at heart I'm sure.

  2. Looks like Gonzo was having the classic "snausage just out of reach" dream ;)