Sunday, September 6, 2009

Canine voiceover work

(I got this off youtube; this isn't my video.)

I start my new job on Tuesday, and I've decided to keep my extremely part time job, but I've realized that I have been employed here at home for a while. I do voice over work for Gonzo. Most pet owners do this; I have heard people confess to it often. What I find odd is how accurate it seems to be, based on our boy's reactions.

Some of it, I admit, is conversational; I will pretend our boy is Lassie, that Timmy's fallen down the well again and Gonzo's telling me to bring an extension ladder and a rope. Usually, he just wants a treat, but he really gets animated.
Some of it, is rabble-rousing; I will tell our boy that I am closer to my husband than he is and Gonzo will eventually climb on top of my husband to be closer than I am. "I'm closer than you are," "I'm closer," "I am," "no, I am..." until my husband is buried under a pile of dog.
Some of it is narrative, like saying,"Stretch it out, stretch it out, waaaaay out!" in a cheerleader's cadence while our boy does his post-nap four leg stretch. (That one makes my sister-in-law laugh every time.)
But the best ones are usually when we have company and our boy's playing the clown. It always cracks me up when I translate our boy's actions in words and our company responds to Gonzo as if he actually had spoken. I must be good at my job, don't you think?

Good Boy, Gonzo. Canine mime? Dog Charades? You act it out, and I'll tell them what it means.

More to come, so come back if you're interested.

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  1. That dog in the video sounds a little demonic. I love the post nap stretch, is there any wonder its called the "downward dog" in yoga?