Monday, September 7, 2009

Nice doggie!

Well, truth be told, I find our boy a never ending source of entertainment. Even the simple act of giving him a treat could turn into a game of "nicer than that..." where Gonzo becomes increasingly gentle in his treat-taking, until I have to actually drop the treat into his open mouth. I like this game, because I can say,"Nicer than that," even before he is given a treat from someone else. Saves the minute possiblity that our boy might scare my nieces by snapping away an offered treat.

I think the most popular game around here is the, "Find it!" game. Gonzo is ushered out into the enclosed porch, and we close the door. Then either my husband or I will hide a good treat, usually something that takes awhile to chew down, somewhere in the house. Then we open the door, our boy charges in, and Super-Snoot is on the case! Almost always, our boy will check the place we hid the treat last time. But he'll run up and down the stairs, around the whole house, alternately nose in the air, and to the floor, with us calling, "Finditfinditfindit!" He'll free stand on his hind legs to smell the counters in the kitchen, jump on the sofa to smell the cushions, jump across the bed for the sheer fun of it...oh, it's a blast to watch.

Some times the game lasts longer than others, especially that time my husband hid a BusyBone on the windowsill in our bedroom...even with my husband's coaching, it took him almost 10 minutes to find it. I think the wind was blowing in the window and the treat's scent wafted throughout the room, and confused poor Super-Snoot. (I have often said while Gonzo has ran right past the treat that if I were to ever get lost in the mountains, that my husband should not send our boy to find me.)We usually play this game at night after dinner and it uses up all Gonzo's extra energy. Our boy gets all tuckered up, and we all sleep well.

Good Boy, Gonzo. Bloodhounds have nothing on you, huh, boy?

More to come, so come back if you're interested.

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  1. I'm jealous. Gonzo is so well behaved!
    If only I could get my dogs to read this blog...