Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Early bird post today

My parents are stopping by today. They are both in their 70's, are the epitome of the "young at heart." My father roller blades. He ice boats (where they go shooting across the ice on a giant skate with a sail attached.) He rides a Goldwing. He sails his sailboat solo. He roller- and ice- skates. If it's an activity (emphasis on the "active",) sign him up. My mom has a thousand and one projects she is working one at any given time. Right now, she's recovering from cataract surgery, her second eye done, so her activities have been just slightly hampered. My sister and I discussed the possibility of getting her a plush parrot to go with her eye patch, but decided we would find that way funnier then she would.
But I have to clean my house to "company specs." You all know what I mean, right? There's good enough for everyday, but then you have the "company-ready" details. All the sofa cushions straightened, the trash cans all emptied, and Gonzo's least favorite, our boy gets a bath.

Now Gonzo will tolerate most anything you want to do to him, (i.e. look in his ears, clean his teeth, pedicure his nails, give him medicine) but his least favorite is the bath. I think he has a water phobia or something as well. He stands in the tub, looking pitiful until it's over, then he gets the ever-loving rubdown with the towels (he loves that part) then it's off to find my husband to show him what a mean trick I just played on him. Again! Of course, my husband is at work today, so he doesn't even get to do that this time.

Good boy, Gonzo. You'll be dry and rolling in the sweet grass in no time.

More to come, so come back if you're interested.

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