Friday, August 21, 2009

The Battle for Supreme Power!

Gonzo has always had the odd habit of sometimes sitting like a person would on the sofa. 9 times out of 10, he does it with people there on the sofa with him. It's like he's thinking,"Oh, is this what we're doing now? Okay, catch me!" and he turns around and sort of throws himself backward. He ends up on his tail end, sort of sitting upright, leaning against whoever's next to him. He has also been known to do this when no one's around to sit with, and one could walk in the room to find Gonzo sitting upright, watching CNN (quite disturbing.)

As I have mentioned before, our boy is a pack dog, and believes my husband to be the Alpha dog of our pack. Well, let me tell you, these two boys can play-fight up a royal storm. When they're on the floor, it's no-holds-barred, full-on knock-down, drag-out battle for Top Dog. (That sentence is a hyphen-o-rama!) Of course, Top Dog is not a position I desire, so I let them have at it. However, when our boy and my husband go to town on the sofa, I 'm in Gonzo's corner 100%.

So at night, the 3 of us will be watching t.v. together on the sofa, and they will start to play-fight. Gonzo will lean against me, sort of upright, and either my husband will start or Gonzo will often times "slap" my husband's hands with his paws, and then hold his paws up in a kind of (sad) defensive maneuver. I call it the ''jazz paws" defense. My husband will try to poke Gonzo's body, with Gonzo play snapping and growling. He sounds terribly vicious, our boy, the tough guy. I will coach Gonzo, "Bite 'em, Gonzo! Jazz Paws! Jazz Paws!Get 'em, Get 'em, Get 'em!" Alas, after a long 10 round bout, my husband wins again, and Gonzo curls up against the victor, after getting a drink from his water bowl. (That's usually the signal that Gonzo's given up.)

Good Boy, Gonzo. Live to play fight another day.

More to come, so come back if you're interested.

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  1. Aww Jazz Paws!
    One of my dogs tends to do this, but she'll put her paw squarely on the forehead of one of the other dogs. We call it the "Be HEALED!" move.