Thursday, September 17, 2009

Know what I think is funny?

When I hear my husband in another room, arguing with our boy.

"No, she told me she fed you already. You already ate! She told me so. You did so! You big faker..." Now that's funny.

Tonight, I was teasing my husband about how Gonzo seemed freaked out* that my husband was helping me with dinner, for a change. "What's going on? That's not right...AAAAAAH! Black is white, right is wrong, up is down...what's going on?!!?" Annnnnd, my husband told our boy to be quiet, like Gonzo was actually the one talking. BWAHAHAHA! Just priceless.

This video is funny and sweet, and you can almost here the dialogue: "Please, please, PLEASE get this little guy a catnip mouse or something..."

Good Boy, Gonzo. And you have so been fed.

*Our boy was actually looking at the dinner on the plates with wild-eyed amazement and hope, but I turned it into a commentary on the fact that my husband rarely helps with dinner.

More to come, so come back if you're interested.


  1. I used to have conversations with my animals but I always lost

  2. I knew I wasn't crazy. Although in my house if I talk to the dogs my husband usually answers as them.